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This is the newest strategy for launching & scaling your brand on and off Amazon.

100% within the TOS and can be scaled across the entire product range! But how exactly does it work?

The magic is that with PressX, publishers' goals align with brands' goals, which never used to happen until now. The media world changed in the last few years and publishers are tired of getting a ton of products they don’t want, having to write about them. They want to write about products & brands they want, like and are fit for their readers.

The power comes from the fact that publishers choose the products & brands they want to write about and not the other way around. We pitch to the ones we consider the best, but the final decision is theirs.

The goal is to bring your product/brand in front of those people who want & need your product aka the best audience for your brand, which will actually BUY!

The means are the Press Articles. Not ANY press, we aim for 100% high quality press, custom written by every publisher for their readers.

The budget can start with $3000, $6000 or over $12.000 for one campaign and can be raised at any moment. CAN NOT be diminished.

  • Budget A - starting at $3,000 for clicks and $500 for the setup fees (one time fee)

  • Budget B - starting at $6,000 for clicks and $500 for the setup fees (one time fee) - RECOMMENDED

  • Budget C - starting at $12,000 for clicks and $500 for the setup fees (one time fee)

The time can be from 1 week (when an article goes viral and usually sky rockets the sales) to 1 year and more. We recommend setting up an initial time frame of 4-6 months for all campaigns. Sometimes the budget will be over in 2 weeks , sometimes in 2 months, sometimes it will not be finished at the end of the campaign.

The measure is the Cost Per Click. You don’t get charged for page views, you only get charged for clicks.

The process is easy. There is an inquiry form at the end of this document, please fill that in and we’ll get back to you for further details. Everything is handled by us.

The bonus is the Amazon Attribution link which brings you 10% back from any sale

The results are

  • Keyword rank

  • Organic sales

  • Significant increase in subscribers (if applicable)

  • Higher ROAS and more

Please fill in this form so we can start working on your campaign.

We will contact you first and discuss all details, then we’ll be good to go!


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