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What happens is people read an article

Let's say for example, Women's Health picks it up so they read an article about your resistance bands. Let's say they write a whole review.

A lot of times they'll use the product before they write (you send it to them). So they write from their experience. They'll also bring in reviews that they'll see on Amazon , Shopify or from another site.

It sounds really trustworthy and someone who comes and reads that article already has a certain level of trust in Women's Health.

It’s a sales pitch, yes, but it’s coming from a review written by someone you trust.

This means they're sold on the product, the product benefits, and trust. So now when they click on that product, they're very very inclined to purchase it.

Now they come to your product on Amazon. What happens?

  1. It means external traffic and a very high quality one.

  2. it's high converting traffic because they're not gonna click on it unless they're actually somewhat interested in purchasing.

  3. they're not shy away by the amount of reviews you have because the article already addresses that issue and they come from the article, hence trust it.

  4. These are authentic customers who have a high tendency of repurchasing these products, especially in spaces like beauty or supplements. This means real subscribers for your brand / product, which come naturally and organically and converting them as subscribers does not cost you an arm and a leg.

  5. You get 10% off every sale because we use your Amazon Attribution link in the article.

  6. Because of all of the above, your rank on keywords will improve tremendously

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