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PressX - Inquiry Form 

Welcome to PressX. We're currently running at full speed, yet constantly trying to improve
this service and offer more bangs for your bucks. 
After filling this form, you'll get an email from our team with a spreadsheet where we'll fill in together all the remaining necessary information so we can get the article going.


Campaign Brief

Campaign Budget

Please check the FAQs under this link. Each publisher has a minimum budget they accept for a campaign and that budget will be used during our campaign which is usually set up to 6-8 weeks or longer.

We cannot control the exact timeframe, because no one knows how the article will perform. It may go viral from day 1 and spend the budget in 5 days or it may go steadier and for a longer time. But once the article is live, you will pay for the clicks ONLY until the campaign end date (even if the article stays live afterwards - that will be free traffic for you).

Please choose one of the tiers below. There are some examples of publications you can get for each budget, so you can get an idea of how this works.
We always pitch to the publishers we consider fit for your product/brand, so you get the best possible value out of this campaign.

*** Important !!! if you have a 12 k budget, we can either use it for one single publication with a min. of $12k OR we can use it for 2 publishers with a $6k min. each. 


Budgets can be extended at any time, but cannot get diminished.

What budget would you like to start with?

What's happening with this budget and how many clicks will you get?

We handle this when we pitch your product to publishers. We recommend an offer of $2 as a Cost per Click. 

The minimum CPC accepted by publishers is $1.5.

We can always offer a higher CPC to incentivize publishers. The higher the offered CPC is, the more interest from publishers and also more visibility for the article.
The CPC is fixed and does not change during the campaign. We will start with a lower offer and then raise only if we need to until the campaign gets picked up.


We will inform you about the CPC we got for you before the campaign goes live.

Thank you for filling up this form. We will contact you first and discuss all details, then we’ll be good to go!

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