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Starters - Best Practices

  • Tell us the boldest statement you can think about regarding your product (ex.: Why more than 1 million people are obsessed with this…. )

  • Tell the brand story, if there is one

  • Add 1 or more review links to the Brief to emphasize your product’s best features

  • Highlight the benefits of the product very clearly

  • Why do customers love your product? Try to speak from a customer’s point of view

  • Add numbers (ex: over 1 million products sold, Over 10k reviews, Bestseller on Amazon )

  • If you can offer a discount code (highly recommended), add it to the brief

  • Add a Google Drive link with creatives we can use for the article.The more, the better - User-generated content as well as a good Brand creation

  • Mention in the brief if you are willing to send a sample of the product to the publisher.

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